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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Planning Ahead: My Marathons This Year - Who's With Me? Part 1

Since I started this resolution to run a marathon (full, half or quarter) for each month of this year, I've been asked by friends and (still) skeptical family members which races I've signed up for.  So here it is, peeps, my January to August 2014 work-in-progress list in chronological order.  I'm not sure if I can make them all - there's this pesky distraction called "work" - but I'll sure give it the ol' college try.

January 12
February 16
March 22
April 13
May 4
June 8
July 27
August 17

I've also signed up for a few other alternate races just in case I can't stick to this schedule, and I'm seriously thinking of capping off this year with the full 42km marathon by returning to Honolulu in December.  This is the one that has no time limit on when you finish (in keeping with the aloha spirit, there's no shuttle buses to sweep up the losers that don't complete the race within a pre-determined time - how civilized is that?) and of course, it's friggin' Hawaii on top of everything else.

And yes, I'd welcome anyone who'd like to come along for these sanctioned races, medal grabs, carbo loads, 3am wake up calls, budget airline travel, endless photo ops, muscle cramps, post-race spa treatments and sightseeing adventures.  To shamelessly paraphrase from my favourite reality TV host, "The world is waiting, lah."


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