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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

From There and Then to Here and Now: 2013

End of the road: Heading to Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada.
Photograph by Weng Ho.

So, here we are on the last day of 2013. 
Time for reflections.  Time for the bullet points.  
Here are some of my personal high- and low-lights:
  • Moved in February for the 13th time in 13 consecutive years, this time to Kowloon into the nicest apartment we've ever rented in our entire adult lives.
  • Participated in the first of my many (quarter) marathons to come.
  • Lost five pounds.
  • Gained eight pounds.
  • Travelled to new cities: Chicago (work,) Pasadena (work,) Guangzhou (work,) Haining (definitely work,) Taipei (weekend vacay,) Banff and Lake Louise (definitely vacay.) 
  • Succumbed to gadget envy and finally broke away from an eight-year relationship with Blackberry to get a new Samsung S4.
  • Wishing now that I'd not deserted my Blackberry and its wonderful keyboard for the lure of some shiny Android apps.
  • Celebrated Weng's birthday in Tokyo.
  • Got my eyesight back to 20/20 for the first time in three decades through Lasik surgery.
  • Binge-watched entire latest seasons of Breaking Bad, The Returned, The Big Bang Theory, Dexter, True Blood, Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Downton Abbey, The Good Wife, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Revenge, House of Cards, Pretty Little Liars, Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, Survivor, The Newsroom, Homeland, The Americans, Once Upon a Time.
  • Drove nearly 2000 km on a picturesque road trip from Vancouver to Banff and back.
  • Had a super scare from Weng's medical crisis in British Columbia.
  • Hired three superstar regional PR directors.
  • Kicked out our tenant who had left our Singapore apartment in a deplorably filthy state.
  • Started classes at Pure Yoga but finally did my first inversion, if only for a few seconds, with the help of master Suresh of Yoga Kalari.
  • Learned to Stand-Up Paddle on tepid Hong Kong waters.
  • After 17 (!) years, reunited with my talented entrepreneurial cousin - inventor of Easy Daysies Magnetic Schedules - in Vancouver, and finally met her photographer husband and three incredibly well-behaved kids.
  • Got to see my parents twice this year in Toronto - a definite bonus.
  • Ate the famous Cat Mountain King durian for the very first time.

  • Said goodbye to and forever missing our sweet beloved goofy Emma who has been on 12 years' worth of adventure, excitement, exasperation, countless chewed toys and bedlinens, and much, much love with us.

    As always,
    I'm truly grateful everyday for what I'm lucky to have in my life:
    some common sense
    a good life
    good times
    I wish you all of these and so much more.
    Happy 2014.
Emma: 2001 to 2013


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