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Friday, November 1, 2013

Essentially Eames: I'll Take One Of Each Please

I went to this exhibition at Marina Bay Sands in its opening weekend, and I fell in love with all the clever (and remarkably comfy) chair designs by Ray and Charles Eames.

Seriously, with every single one of them.

I only wish I had that many asses to sit in each and every one of their chairs, all at the same time (insert your own fat joke here....on second thought, no, don't.)

So yes, "essential" is right, right?

See below to judge for yourself and then head to the exhibition when next in the Lion City.

Me, I'm now more than ready to order my Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, the design of which I learned was inspired by a well-worn mitt snugly coddling a baseball.  Again, no roly-poly jokes please.

You know you've made it when even posters of your chairs (and office furniture, fer cryin' out loud) attain pop art status.

My constant refrain exactly

Photos by Charles Eames - collage by me.

Shoes - photos by Charles Eames - collage by me.

Breakfast - more photos by Charles Eames - collage by me.

A veritable house of (giant plastic) cards

That's not me....that's a selfie by Charles Eames as seen through his Christmas tree ornament.


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