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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Freshly Baked Goods....with Passion. Lots of It.

This corner bakery in Wan Chai opened just a year ago in June, but the somewhat-funny story is that I had dined in its predecessor's restaurant in the same location about a couple of months before Passion by Gerard Dubois became a reality.  It was one of those typical non-memorable local Hong Kong joints - you know, the type that sells macaroni with bits of ham in soup, scrambled eggs with meanly sliced toast, staffed by indifferent waitresses, that sort of thing - I remembered thinking it was a total dump.  Imagine to my astonishment to see that the space had quickly transformed into this wondrous baked-goods wonderland, complete with a fine selection of technicolour pastries, fresh breads of all types, and a gorgeous array of inventive salads and tasty sandwiches.  My only gripe about this place is the lack of seating spaces, but then again, it has resurrected my dormant talent of hovering over tables until its occupants flee for less personal-space-invading eateries.  Having a thick skin and a voracious appetite for freshly-baked carbs can come in handy at times.

Pain au Raisin, as held by the manicured digits of Evelyn Yo.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

My personal favourite: Quiche Lorraine

Passion by Gerard Dubois - G/F, Fraser Suites, 74-80 Johnston Road, Wan Chai.  Open daily.
Telephone +852 2529 1311

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