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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Old School Recyclables

It's four in the morning - thank you, ye Gods of Jet Lag - and I'm searching for something in my Toronto hotel room that will elevate my laptop and reduce the pending neck spasms brought on by the much-lowered trajectory of my gaze, when I opened the bedside drawer and saw these.

I thought at first they were a couple of over-sized King Jameses but it turned out to be way better than that.  Not only were there the White Pages but also its fraternal twin - the Yellows as well.  Can't even think of the last time I saw one of these in my travels, let alone a double-barrelled set.  Then again, I'm not in the habit of opening drawers in hotel rooms.....long story, another time.

I'm using the White as I'm typing this...thicker by a smidgen than the Yellow, it's the perfect height and width for my wrists plus laptop viewing, and the tissue-thin recycled paper texture provides a welcome bonus of cushion-y suspension to every click of the keyboard.  Doomsday preppers and neo-Luddites already know this, but it's comforting to know that there's still some useful purpose to these old dogs.... maybe not in the way for which they were intended, but hey, beggars prone to carpal tunnel syndrome can't be choosy, amiright?

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