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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's Complicated, But During A Holiday, Something's Gotta Give

Maybe it's because I've just moved apartments for the 12th time in 12 consecutive years; or maybe it's the sheer number of hours I'd recently logged seeking the perfect furniture pieces that are, for once, not from a mass-produced, flat-packed design factory from Sweden.  Whatever the case, I've found myself hankering for those aesthetically pleasing and perfect home interiors that are normally found within the pages of Dwell and, oh let's just be honest here, in every single Nancy Meyers' movie since Father of the Bride.

Google Ms Meyers' name and you will discover more websites and blogs devoted to the interiors of her characters' homes than about the actual movies they're in.  Apparently, there are legions of obsessed fans out there who gawk at every built-in bookcase, sigh over the granite kitchen counters, hyperventilate at the sight of the dhurri rugs, contemplate each and every Kenton Nelson painting, and pine for those elegantly comfortable living room sets. Oh wait, that's me.

Here are some of my favourite "homes" from The Holiday, It's Complicated and (my absolute fantasy movie Hamptons beach house in) Something's Gotta Give
Cameron Diaz's character's LA home in The Holiday
The LA media room in The Holiday
The LA living room in The Holiday
The Hamptons living room in Something's Gotta Give
Another angle of the same living room, sans Jack, in Something's Gotta Give (Photo: Architectural Digest)
Diane Keaton's character's kitchen in Something's Gotta Give
The LA kitchen in The Holiday
Meryl Streep's character's kitchen in It's Complicated
The LA master bedroom in The Holiday
The LA bath in The Holiday

(All images are from the movies' screenshots or Pinterest boards.)

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