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Friday, December 14, 2012

Bite-Size Review: Cafe Troppo

The first thing I wondered as I approached this corner cafe in Adelaide was how in heck does it manage to survive in this odd, sleepy neighbourhood that's not exactly in the thick of action (or what passes for action in South Australia) and the second thing was, wait, is that Joan Baez I hear over the speakers?  The answer to my first musing was quickly made evident by the amazing selection of fresh salads, excellent (organic and fair trade) coffee and delish baked pastries. And the music thing? Yep, that's Joan all right.  And Fleetwood Mac, Charles Bradley, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Pete Rock, all but to name a few on their eclectic  playlist.  As the exceedingly genial staff explained to me, what the patrons get to hear is entirely up to the musical tastes of whomever's working that shift.  Fair enough.  What I was most interested in though was the cafe's sustainable concept, its decor (recycled chic, anyone?) and their meat pies (oh, those pies....) Didn't have the pleasure of being there in the evening, but I hear they roll out the tapas, wines, fresh jams, and live music then.....guess that's when the good times really roll in trippy Troppo.  Peace out.

Cafe Troppo - 42 Whitmore Square, Adelaide,South Australia 5000, Australia
Telephone +618 8211 8812

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