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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Luxury Hotel Websites: The More Things Change....

So, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group recently launched their new website, and it's gorgeous.  

At first glance, one can be forgiven for having a deja vu moment as the site's also pretty similar to those recently revamped by their competitors. That's because all of us in the lux hotel business have
(re)acted on pretty much the same survey results culled from our target markets when we'd asked what they most want to see on our websites; and (aside from ease of the reservations process,)
the not-entirely-surprising top conclusions may be summed up by the following points:

More pictures
Bigger pictures
Colourful pictures

Well, the people have spoken, and the industry has delivered- in full Pantone-glory, rainbow-hued and saturated spades.

Here are the screenshots taken this month from the websites of Rosewood, Shangri-La, The Ritz-Carlton, and  Four Seasons.


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