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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Done Dem Doha Dunes

Doha sand dunes
I have to admit, I like to dabble in extreme sports....white water rafting and bungee jumping in Bali, surfing in Oahu and Dubai, zip lining in Sarawak, and, for a mad six-week stint in 2005, I was go-karting in 50-degree-Centigrade heat like a speed demon in a supremely dodgy makeshift track in Bahrain, with zero insurance, zero seatbelt, zero helmet, zero fear and obviously, zero common sense.

But mostly, my adrenaline sojourns are done in a totally safe and almost embarrassingly responsible kind of way.  So when I signed out a quad bike to traverse the gorgeous sand dunes in Doha, Qatar, I revelled a wee bit in the fact that the shady operators didn't insist on any helmets or goggles (well, they didn't have any to offer begin with anyway.) But then again, there was nothing I did that day that'd make the Red Bull team stop and go, "Whoa, lookit that daredevil over there who's not wearing her regulation protective head gear tearing about in a hair-raising 8 mph on that ATV!  Let's not even wait for her to surgically remove all that sand from her corneas before we sign her up to free fall from space and break the sound barrier, like, now." 

In the immortal words of Jake LaMotta, I still think I coulda been a contender......well, maybe in another life where my Austrian parents've named me after an animated cat.
"Look ma, no helmet."

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