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Friday, September 21, 2012

Mad Ads: Made by Arcade

Big thanks to Adeline Tan for introducing me and PR pro extraordinaire Lynn Gervais to the creative team of Made by Arcade when, back in 2010, The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre needed fresh ad concepts to highlight in a super competitive, overheated market its new F&B outlets: a French brasserie, a steakhouse, a Thai restaurant and a cigar lounge.  Our brief to them, in the most broadest terms, was to make the ads memorable, clever, slyly humorous, and subtly abstract. Under no circumstances did we want to be pitched ads consisting of flat over-saturated images of giant steaks, full wine glasses, empty restaurants, grinning chefs, demure hostesses, or worse, all of the above. 
And thankfully, we weren't. 
In a rare feat, the "Arcadians" hit it right out of the ballpark the first time around (I love how gorgeous the "five worst pick up lines" ad looks and that it cracks me up everytime I read the copy.)  Best of all, the exceedingly professional team, lead by Nick Marrett and the tatted-up Gary Tranter, was the most agreeable I've ever worked with (to which anyone who has ever been on the forefront of the client-agency relationship can attest, is no small compliment.)
Here are the ads:

"No.5 offers the top 5 ways of breaking the ice."
Photography and retouching by Edward Loh from Shots.

"Are you ready to do the Can Can?"
Illustrations by Sokkuan Tye and Typography by Vladamir Loginov from Handmade Fonts.

"Whether it's lamb, fish or chicken, we believe it would be better if it was beef.
Photography and retouching by Edward Loh from Shots."

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