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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bite-Size Review: Okinawa Dining Bridges at Causeway Bay

The chefs preparing the dishes from ingredients that are air flown from Okinawa
I know there's currently some unfortunate anti-Japanese and anti-Chinese sentiments raging in east Asia due to claims made on a deserted island outpost between the second and third largest economic giants in the world.  But all that brouhaha didn't deter me from recently trying out a quietly elegant restaurant in Causeway Bay that specializes in Okinawan cuisine (food is still the great uniter, in my book.)  Perched on the sixth floor of the new-ish Cubus building overlooking Hoi Ping Road, Okinawa Dining Bridges features two excellent menus: the lunch one boasts of a dizzying variety of gorgeous bento sets at very reasonable prices considering the quality of the ingredients, presentation and taste, and the evening brings with it a multitude of ala carte options, handily categorised into sashimi, sushi, grilled (highly recommended,) stir fry, stewed, hotpot, deep fry and rice/noodles.  Usually when a restaurant offers so many types of cooking methods and dishes, one might be forgiven into assuming that the chefs have spread their talents precariously thin and can offer no discernable specialty dishes, but that would be totally and absolutely incorrect in this case.  Sometimes, it is quite all right to be proven wrong.

Here are some of our dinner highlights: 
The incredibly fresh 5-Kinds-of-Sashimi platter
Grilled silver cod
Stir-fried Okinawan pork with thinly sliced bittergourd
One of my favourite comfort foods: hot soup over rice with salmon roe
The only disappointing item I'd ordered: seafood in hot broth served in a earthen teapot.
The portion was criminally tiny for its price (and especially compared to what was pictured on the menu.)

Okinawa Dining Bridges- 6/F, Cubus, 1 Hoi Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
Telephone: +852 3428 2131


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