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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Photo Essay: A Snowy Hour in Beijing

It's days like today that starts with gloomy clouds and zero wind, which are then followed in quick succession with heavy fog, intermittent rain, determined sun rays breaking through the cloud cover, and oppressive feels-like 50-degrees-Celsius humidity that I long for those whackadoodle cloud seeding, "weather modification" tactics used by China to induce snowfall. In 2009, I was in Beijing leading a media group when one such freakish meterological event occured. It was fascinating to experience the extremely rapid conversion from sunny dry skies to a blustery snowstorm which lasted for only an hour before everything started to melt away. Totally incredible mad science at work, and it was an amazing sight to witness and behold.  Here are just some of the pictures from that day, correction, hour.

(All photographs by Weng Ho.)


  1. wow! these photos are so beautiful

    1. Thanks...I think so too. Freaky day, but it made for very pretty pictures!


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