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Friday, July 6, 2012

Shanghai Pedicure at Fun Feet Reflexology Centre

My Shanghai Pedicure sifu (master) working his magic on my big toe
How has it that I've been on this planet for decades and I've only found out about Shanghai pedicures just recently? Upon learning that I was going to move to Hong Kong, my friend Susanne, a former Wanchai resident herself, persuaded me to have one; I believe her exact words were "your feet will feel pounds lighter after a session."  She wouldn't elaborate futher, only to state that it would be a much, much better experience than the Western version.

Well, with an endorsement like that, I immediately made an appointment at one of the two Fun Feet Reflexology Centres in Happy Valley (the executive chef of The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong swears by the Wong Nai Chung outlet.) Wasn't quite sure what to expect when this stern-looking older gentleman carried over two 100 watt spotlights, a small container filled with sterilized razors, and settled down comfortably in a little stool in front of me. After lifting each of my foot (that had been previously soaked in a barrel of hot water - all the better to tenderize the calloused skin, don't you know) and examining them like the fine biological specimens that they were, he then proceeded to remove every single nano-cell of dead skin from the cuticles, heels, bottoms and sides - yes, still only with those sharpened razors - with expert precision and care.  I ventured to ask him, in halting Cantonese, how long a Shanghai pedicure usually took. He looked at my much-abused feet and replied, "for you, long time."

Well, a "long time" turned out to be 37 minutes exactly (and no, we do not get to pick a nail polish colour at the end,) and my feet not only received the best treatment ever, but I also came away from Fun Feet armed with the sifu's sage and invaluable advice:

"Always wear slippers at home."

"Don't use cheap moisturizer." 

Fun Feet Reflexology Centre - Yee Fung Building, 1 Wong Nai Chung Rd, Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 2525 1108

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  1. Best Shanghainese pedicure at affordable prices. Lots of my dead skin, corn, calluses etc polished and removed. So happy!



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