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Friday, July 20, 2012

Bite-Size Review: Yet Con Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant, Singapore

Am headed to Singapore next week - seems like I'm going there at least once a month this year - and even though I'm on a self-imposed limited-carb diet, I'll try to squeeze in a visit to this old-school Hainanese chicken rice restaurant on Purvis Street.  Went there once before a couple of years back, and I have to say I like it way better than any of those homogenous, generic, mass-produced versions that you find in any of the Lion City food courts.

In a nutshell, here are the pluses: 
-  The chicken is not slimy - believe me, that's the whole game changer right there.  Those hardy kampung chickens they serve are stripped of nearly all fatty bits and that gelatinous goop found in other joints.
-  The rice has excellent flavour and the right consistency.
-  The other menu offerings - the pork chop and fried hor-fun especially - are equally yums.
-  The pre-independence interior decor, complete with a cranky old coot who glowers at diners when he's not clacking away at his abacus, is charming.
-  The blessed, blessed air-conditioning.

The minuses?  Well, the service is not stellar by any tolerant standards, and that Yet Con Overlord (see picture below) won't win any personality awards, but heck, it's not like you'd head there for chit-chats and to make new BFFs.  Just tell 'em to keep those drumsticks coming, and hold the stink-eye.
Surreptitiously took this photo after being expressly told off by Cranky Old Coot for doing so. 
Avoided eye contact with him for the rest of meal for fear of turning into a pillar of salted chicken.
Yet Con Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant - 25 Purvis Street, Singapore.
Telephone +65 63376819

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