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Friday, June 29, 2012

Road Trip: Picture-Perfect Positano, Italy

Six years ago in April, just before the tourist season properly rolled in, we were in Rome visiting our newlywedded friends, Seema and Stefano.  Like pretty much all of our holidays, we didn't really plan ahead, so it was on somewhat of a whim when we decided to head to Positano for a couple of nights.
We rented a car from Naples, drove away from the city centre like bats (or muggers) were after us - we had heard the usual horror stories about tourists being marked as easy prey in good old Napoli - and embarked on yet another Italian road trip, this time towards the Amalfi Coast.  We got terribly lost trying to find our hotel - had to loop back three times up and down the hill before we finally saw its tiny nameplate - but the upside is that we were super familiar with the town and all the streetside restaurants by the time we checked in.
The terrace in the little hillside hotel we stayed in.
Low season means less crowding on Marina Grande pebble beach.
It was actually quite ideal being there in early spring....hotel rates were more reasonable since it was the low (or rather "shoulder" season) and we didn't have to compete for elbow room with the mammoth tour buses in the village's winding, narrow streets.  It may have been a bit on the cloudy side at times, but that just added a welcome dramatic charm to Positano's usual peppy visage.  
The lovely Il San Pietro di Positano Hotel
For the best limoncello, head to the Amalfi Coast. 
 Here are some of the many lemon plantations on the hillside. 
Truly, there are no such thing as bad views in Positano.

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