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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Road Trip - Musandam Peninsula, Oman

On a lazy Sunday morning such as today, when the only excursion I'm planning is to the IMAX cinema to watch Prometheus in 3D at iSquare over in Kowloon, I can't help but remember how differently my weekends were spent when living in the Middle East. One of my favourite past-times was piling into the trusty X3 and driving north on beautifully paved roads, slicing through at least five emirates - Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah - to a whole different country - Oman, in just under two hours.
Morning light on one of the many public beaches in this Omani peninsula
To me, this incredible stretch of coastal road that starts at the Omani border ranks way up there with Highway 1 (California,) Hana Highway (Hawaii,) and the Great Ocean Road (Australia.)  Flanked by steep mountains on one side and the Arabian Gulf on the other, you will pass through sleepy clusters of traditional flat-roofed houses, the occasional herd of goats and a few fishermen on their way to the market or back home for the afternoon siesta.  Even though the beaches are popular spots for UAE residents (locals and expats alike) for weekend BBQs, there are no picturesque villages or garish tourist traps along the way....from the moment you drive past the checkpoint at the Omani/UAE border till you reach the town of Khasab (dubbed the "Norway of Arabia," according to Wikipedia) at the tip of the Musandam peninsula, you'll find only rugged, unspoilt and jaw-dropping scenery at every turn.
Incredible sights enroute to Khasab

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  1. Musandam Dibba is really easy weekend trips from Dubai. In Musandam, we stayed at the Golden Tulip hotel which was quite nice with decent food.


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