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Friday, June 8, 2012

Bite-Size Review: Obika Mozzarella Bar in Milan

My first real meal upon arriving in Milan was here at Obika, on the 7th floor of the food market at La Rinascente Duomo, as recommended by my friend (and reluctant Milanese resident) Seema Gupta.  Even though the temperature was hovering very close to the single digits, the sun was out and the sky was brilliantly blue, so why not sit outside on the terrace where the bonus was an uninterrupted view of the Duomo? 
My order of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP: Burrata.
Accompanied by cherry tomatoes, basil pesto, and olives.
Obik√† is a relatively new restaurant concept (and I'm happy to say there's one in downtown Toronto just waiting for it to land on Hong Kong shores) which revolves around its signature menu offering - handmade Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP - a fresh product made from 100% buffalo milk, very nutritious and highly digestive, rich in calcium, and high in protein, vitamins and mineral salt content. Seriously, if "non-fat" was added to the above mix, I'd put all my life savings into buffalo stock options, like, yesterday.
Orecchiette with Mozzarella di Bufala (burrata) and organic tomato ‘La Motticella’ sauce
As if life isn't complicated enough, Obika offers four mozzarella types from which you may choose:
Paestum (delicate taste,) Pontina (strong taste,) Affumicata (naturally smoked,) and Burrata (deliciously creamy) - I picked the burrata both times and thought that "creamy" was a  major understatement.  So is "holy mother of all goomers, this stuff is goooooood."

Highly recommended accompaniments to your mozzarella intake include:
- Cherry tomatoes and light basil pesto
- Violet artichokes from Castellammare in olive oil
- Caponata (eggplant) alla Siciliana
- Sicilian vegetables and tomato casserole
- Grilled seasonal vegetables and light basil pesto
- A delicate DOP prosciutto from Parma
- A DOP prosciutto from San Daniele
- Charcoal roasted Ham
- A mild salami from Tuscany
- A distinctive handmade mortadella with a smoky flavour
- Anchovies from Cetara, near Amalfi and sundried tomatoes
- Smoked wild salmon
- Tasting of prosciutto from Parma, Mortadella from Tuscany

Obika - La Rinascente Duomo
7/F, Food Market, via S. Radegonda 1 corner Piazza Duomo - Milano. Tel.: +39 02 8852453

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  1. Hey Viv! Love the pics and an impressed with the level of detail in your post. The thing I love best about that particular Obika in Milan is the view..but yes, the food helps too. Greetings from the day after mega Bruce Springsteen concert at San Siro. xxx


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