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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And The Winner Is......

So another year, another World's Ugliest Dog ® Contest at Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California.  This is the 24th year this contest has been running, and I say, just give those Chinese Crested dogs their own competition already.  Year after year, one of these gnarly, hairless, snaggle-toothed, whiskered-head, acne-ridden, cataract-prone beauties would inevitably snag the grand prize from, well, their other gnarly, hairless, snaggle-toothed, whiskered-head, acne-ridden, cataract-prone peers.  I mean, seriously, does anybody out there think that any other breed would stand a chance against these Champions of Fuglies?
2012 Winner (Sonoma-Marin) - Mugly
2011 Winner (Sonoma-Marin) - Yoda
2009 Winner (Animal Planet) - Miss Ellie

2009 Winner (Sonoma-Marin) - Pabst.
Ok, he wasn't a  Chinese Crested but a Boxer Mix who was understandably an upset win that year.

2008 Winner (Sonoma-Marin): The three-legged Gus
2007 Winner (Sonoma-Marin) - Elwood
2006 Winner (Sonoma-Marin) - Archie
2002 Winner (Ring of Champions) - Rascal 
And this one below was the reigning champ for three consecutive years - Sam -
who gained international fame and celebrity, and at whose death at nearly 15 years old,
made major headlines around the world.
2003 to 2005 (Sonoma Marin) - Sam
Now having said (and seen) all that, and being a parent of a dog with an unusual visage as well, these Chinese Cresteds do look kinda endearing - sort of; and from what I've been reading about them, they have terrifically sweet dispositions too.  But while I do have a soft spot for funny looking dogs, it might be awhile before I'm persuaded to adopt a canine that has pimples, crazy whiskers, and bear an uncanny resemblance to Zuul from Ghostbusters.

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  1. Whao, so many questions here too, right? What are the life span of these dogs? How much creative license did the breeders take? Did the owner cleaned his teenage son/daughter's face with Archie? Where did that 4th leg go? Did they finally got Sam back from a Christmas party in Hiroshima in 1945? WTF?


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