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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why I Love Causeway Bay

Maybe it's the dazzling neon billboards that uses enough electricity to light small island nations, maybe it's the mix of touristy schlock and local hole-in-the-walls, maybe it's the nonstop in-your-face pedestrian traffic, but I just can't get enough of this 'hood. Thrilled that I live just a 15-minute walking distance away.
Sudden rainshower in CWB. I'm told by a wise cinematographer that it's the optimum time to take pictures....when the roads are wet and reflective.  And so I did. And he was right.
Out of all the giant billboards in CWB facing Sogo, I like this Calvin Klein ad the far.  Crazy, glorious, vibrant if CWB is not overtly colour saturated enough.
....but this one takes the cake. 
I take this flyover nearly everyday to work and
for about two glorious weeks, I (along with tens of thousands of worker bees)
was on eye-bulge level. No, thank YOU, Mr. Klein. Thank you very much indeed.

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