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Monday, May 21, 2012

What Would Oprah Say? Extreme Texting and Driving by Hong Kong Cab Drivers

Photo taken by me enroute to the office

My cabby this morning (photo, right) was texting like a fiend on four cellphones simultaneously, talking via the earpiece on the fifth, and occasionally taking calls on the sixth. And oh, he was dispatching locations over the radio too. In between all that, we squeezed in conversations about the rainy weather, local politics and Chinatowns in Canada. The man has elevated multi-communications and multi-tasking to a fine art.

Better (or worse) still, this is not a rare scene in Hong Kong.  My friend Pooi-San captured a similar picture when she was here last year (photo below.)  Her cabby beat my driver's cellphone count by four, making it a total of 10 phones glued to his dashboard and one right on the steering wheel.
Photo by Pooi-San Kok

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