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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dishes That I Will Not Learn To Make

There are some dishes I will not bother learning to make on my own.  Main reason is that they'll not even come close to the "real" thing (yes, that's subjective, I know,) and also the time it'll take to actually create any one of these dishes will drive me insane...especially when, back to point one, the end result won't even be halfway edible.  We're talking shopping for the ingredients, measuring what you need, timing the various elements, and all that is even more impossible when you're making it for one or two people.  Life's too short to even try.  Not when you can slap down a few bucks, wait a couple of minutes, and voila! perfection in a dish.

I categorize chee kueh (steamed rice flour cakes generously garnished with diced preserved radish and served with chili sauce) as one of those "impossible" dishes.
Chee Kueh from Tiong Bahru market in Singapore
Chicken rice is another prime example.  No way am I going to slave in the kitchen to make not only the steamed chicken, but also that fragrant rice, and don't even get me started on the condiments of the chili and ginger sauces.  The sauteed and steamed vegetables are do-able, but they're the least of the labour-intensive cooking process.
Chicken rice set from Tiong Bahru market, Singapore
A steak dinner is not just a piece of meat on the grill.  Not if you want to do it right.  It's the marination, those plump individually cut fries, the salad ingredients, that home-made herb butter, the sauces.......
Rib-eye steak with hand-cut French fries served at Le First at The Westin Paris Vendome.
My dad loved these deep-fried dough sticks so much that he obtained the recipe and made a few hundred of them at home within a space of a month (as I said, it's impossible to make just two or three pieces.) But really, how many can one eat before all that trans fat start clogging up vital arteries?
Deep-fried goodness found at the basement food court of Pavilion Mall in KL.



  1. Could not agree with you more on all the dishes mentioned, EXCEPT Chicken Rice! That is kindda doable and fact is, if you're desperate for that taste, you'll somehow manage to make it (or train someone else who lives with you to do it for you :-) But I would also add Yong Tau Foo and Mee Siam to that list as well.

    1. ....and rojak, satay (complete with peanut sauce, and how about making that ketupat from scratch??), rojak, roti prata with the curry dip and wontons (dumplings.)


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