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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bite-Size Review: Nan Tei in Happy Valley

Yes, I've been having a bit of a craving lately for grilled meats, and this little tucked away teeny restaurant off Wong Nai Chung road in my neighbourhood of Happy Valley satisfies my hunger pangs perfectly. It's dark, intimate and what I really like about it is the theatre-like setting for the main event - the Robatayaki Grill - placed smack in the centre right of the restaurant, complete with dramatic lights for greater effect.  Actually, to stretch the metaphor, it's more like an operating theatre, with chefs standing on both sides of the table (I mean grill,) meticulously attending to their delicated tasks of handling the multitude of exposed skin, flesh, organs and bones in front of them.
The highly-recommended grilled chicken wings, sans charred bits.
And meticulous seems to be an apt description; from my front-row gallery (ok, bar counter) view of the grilling process, I can see the chefs seasoning each skewer just so (no en-masse slathering of sauce or showering of spices here) and - this is my favourite part - cutting off the carcinogenic black charred bits from the meats, just like the good grill doctors that they are...although I suspect it has more to do with making the chicken wings taste better than having any noble desires of warding of a killer disease.  Still, attention to detail.  I like that.

Nan Tei - G/F, 10 Yuen Yuen Street, Happy Valley.  Telephone: 3118 2500
Reservations highly recommended.  
Fresh tomato salad


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