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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Best Paved Roads in the World? That Would Be Dubai (Yes, Really)

My last post on driving got me all misty-eyed over those crazy, generously spaced 12- and 14-lane freeways in Dubai, where the speed limit can go up to 120 km/hr and you feel like you're crawling when you're going under 100.  I miss my X3 (Betty Blue,) the perfectly paved, beautifully maintained, pothole-less roads, and the occasional challenge of driving through a blinding, zero-visibility sandstorm. And seriously, GPS is totally unnecessary when you can have the Burj Khalifa as your guiding compass in the greater Dubai area.  That's a landmark and a half right there.  
Driving back from Al Ghurair to Downtown Burj.

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